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1. Radiation and HealthPhysics
information and internet links; from University of Michigan healthphysicsstudents.

2. The HealthPhysicsSociety
Welcome to Our Web Site – Your Gateway to Information about the HealthPhysicsProfession We are an international professional scientific organization dedicated to promoting the practice of radiation...

3. HealthPhysics
Tables of contents, abstracts, news and subscription details from the official journal of the HealthPhysicsSociety.

4. South Texas Chapter HealthPhysicsSociety
South Texas Chapter. HealthPhysicsSociety. The South Texas Chapter of the HealthPhysicsSociety is a professional society was organized and ...

5. Radiation HealthPhysics- Oregon State University
Describes programs of study and provides information on healthphysics, including a glossary, plus information on the physical aspects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, their biological effects, and methods of radiological protection. http://www.NE.ORST.EDU/rhp/hpshp.html

6. HealthPhysicsat Idaho State University
...Department of PhysicsProgram in HealthPhysicsDepartment... ...83209 (208) 236-4308 Programs HealthPhysicsis an...

7. Healthand Medical Publications Distribution List for the Xpress
Healthand Medical Publications Distribution List for the Xpress Press News Service

8. Cal State Fullerton PhysicsDepartment
Physicsis the natural science that deals with the properties and interactions of matter and radiation. As such, physicsprovides the fundamental basis for all other sciences, and for such applied sciences as engineering and the healthsciences.

9. PhysicsNews
ROBERT B. LAUGHLIN, HORST L. STORMER, and DANIEL C. TSUI win the 1996 Nobel Prize for their discovery of a new form of quantum fluid with fractionally charged excitations.

10. Bachelor of Science in Physics(HealthPhysicsEmphasis)
The following courses are required in addition to the General Education Requirements for the B.S. degree: CHEM 108 Essentials of Organic and Biochemistry 5 cr CHEM 121 General

11. Lawrence Livermore: List of Lists
The LLNL List of Lists Last update Jan 4, 2000. We also have a condensed form of this List . Note: Bold items are new or have been changed LLNL Home page and What's new at LLNL A

12. HealthConcerns of Cellular Transmitting Towers
Healthconcerns of cellular transmitting towers

13. HealthPhysicsat Georgetown
... HealthPhysicsat Georgetown Welcome to the Health... Faculty and Students HealthPhysicsSites For more information:...

14. UW-Madison Graduate Program in Physics
UW-Madison Graduate Program in PhysicsHome Page About the Graduate Program in PhysicsCampus Assistance Center (CAC) has information on academic matters, social events, student organizations, off-campus housing, community groups, recreation, transportation, health, and many other topics.

The HealthPhysicsEmphasis of the MS in Physicsis a thesis program that will prepare student for radiation protection careers leading to upper technical and management levels in

16. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - HealthPhysics

17. Van Pelt Associates - HealthPhysics& Radiation Safety
Radiological and Environmental Healthand Safety Consulting.

18. American Academy of HealthPhysics
American Academy of HealthPhysicsWelcome to the American Academy of HealthPhysics(AAHP) home page. The AAHP is an organization that advances the profession of HealthPhysics, encourages the highest standards of ethics and integrity in the practice of

19. Centre for Medical and HealthPhysics
Facility at the Queensland University of Technology, in Brisbane, Australia, describes its research areas and provides a contact form.

20. World Congress on Medical Physicsand Biomedical Engineering
World Congress on Medical Physicsand Biomedical Engineering will meet in Chicago in 2000. See a list of participating organizations.

21. JOL - HealthPhysics

22. Open Directory - Science: Environment: Environmental Health: ...Environmental Health: HealthPhysicsand Radiological...
...Environmental Health: HealthPhysicsand Radiological... ...Radiological Health(35) Chernobyl Accident@ (18) Particle Physics...

23. Certified HealthPhysicist News - 1999 Salary Survey
News story cogitates and concludes on findings extracted from the polling of members from the Am. Academy of HealthPhysics. Shows graphs.

24. IPEM: home page
The Institute of Physicsand Engineering in Medicine is a Registered Charity which exists to promote, for the public benefit, the advancement of physicsand engineering applied to medicine and biology; to advance public education in the field; and to represent the needs and interests of engineering and physical sciences in the provision or advancement of healthcare.

25. PhysicsWeb Guide ... The PhysicsBeat
PhysicsWeb Guide ... The Search Beat... covers top physicsresources on the web. Browse through online physicssites that specialize in teaching biology, lesson plans, web sites and more!

26. Environmental HealthSciences
The Department of Environmental HealthSciences focuses its research and educational activities on the protection of human healthfrom biological, chemical and physical hazards in the environment.

27. PhysicsNews
Find links to news and information related to physics, from various sources including NASA and the American Physical Society.

28. U.S. NRC Radiation Protection
Nuclear Regulatory Commission information materials on healthphysicstopics, dose standards, occupational radiation exposure at NRC licensed facilities, human radiation experiments, and emergency response.

29. UIUC Division of Environmental Health& Safety
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Division of Environmental Healthand Safety

30. The HealthPhysicsMeasurements Group, ESH-4
The HealthPhysicsMeasurements Group, ESH-4. ESH-4 consists of four teams: The HealthPhysicsAnalysis Laboratory (HPAL) The Radiation ...

31. American Center for Physics
Welcome to the Directions to the ACP Facility. The American Center for Physicsbrings together in one building, the American Institute of Physics, The American Physical Society, the American Association of PhysicsTeachers, and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

32. Google Web Directory - Science > Environment > Environmental ...Help Search only in HealthPhysicsand Radiological Health...
...Help Search only in HealthPhysicsand Radiological Health... ...HealthSearch the Web HealthPhysicsand Radiological...

33. Northern California Chapter HealthPhysicsSociety Home Page
Elections *** You should soon receive a ballot if your dues are current (contact Dave Taylor) ***Next Meeting(s)***: 4/13 @ Spengers; 4/14-15 @ Tahoe; 5/18 @ LLNL Welcome! You have reached the Home of the Northern California Chapter of the HealthPhysics

34. Master of Occupational Therapy, College of Allied Health, OUHSC
Webpages for the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Allied Health, University of Oklahoma HealthSciences Center, including graduate and professional programs inoccupational therapy.

35. Department of Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University
Education and research in nuclear engineering, healthphysics, industrial hygiene, and ergonomics.

36. Radiation Safety Training and Services
Nevada Technical Associates, Inc. provides training courses in radiation safety, healthphysics, radiochemistry and related areas

37. Thomson, Sir Joseph John - Figures in Radiation History
50% HealthPhysicsSociety offers a biography of Thomson, a major figure in radiation history.

38. College Physicsfor Students of Biology and Chemistry
This is a hypertextbook written for first-year undergraduate physicsstudents. It assumes that you have a working knowledge of algebra, that you are currently taking or have taken a college level course in Biology and one in Chemistry, and that you are interested in biology, chemistry or one of the health-related fields.

39. DOE HealthPhysicsInstrumentation Committee
This page is sponsored by DOE-DP45. Contact Paul Krumpe (e-mail The Department of Energy HealthPhysicsInstrumentation ...

40. Physics
An educational site. We provide educational and commercial services and products to the educational community at all levels.

41. Master of Occupational Therapy, College of Allied Health, OUHSC
Webpages for the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Allied Health, University of Oklahoma HealthSciences Center, including graduate and professional programs inoccupational therapy.

42. The SDSU PhysicsDepartment WWW Site Index
Site Index All PhysicsDepartment Web pages are constructed with recycled fermions. General Information Department Overview Why SDSU for PhysicsRequest More Information

43. HealthPhysicsand Radioactive Waste
...Environmental Healthand Safety HealthPhysicsand... ...copies can be obtained from the HealthPhysicsOffice by calling...

44. PhysicsSuccess Stories - PhysicsImproves Health
PhysicsSuccess Stories - PhysicsImproves HealthPhysicsImproves HealthMedical PhysicsFederally funded physicsresearch is used to develop new cures for disease and new ways to quickly diagnose healthproblems. In just the past two years, superc

45. Harvard-MIT Division of HealthSciences and Technology
Harvard-MIT Division of HealthSciences and Technology NEW SITE: MIT-Harvard Neuroengineering Research Collaborative. (go to web page) HST Spinoff, Neurometrix, wins major award. (more) FACULTY AWARD: Associate Master of HST Society, Richard N. Mitc

46. Radiation Safety Engineering
Consulting firm near Phoenix, AZ offers radiochemical analysis, modeling, instrument calibration, healthphysicsresearch, among other services.

47. HealthPhysicsTable of Contents 7-97
...Author Guidelines Submissions HealthPhysicsSociety Prospectus... ...National Archives. Return to the HealthPhysicsHome Page ©...

48. Philotechnics, Ltd. HealthPhysicsResources
HealthPhysicsResources Click these buttons to navigate our site. This page last updated on Monday, March 06, 2000 The goal of the Philotechnics website is to provide a location where professional and technical HealthPhysicspeople can find information
Found by: FAST Search, Lycos

Topics include powerlines and cancer, cell phone antennas and health, and healtheffects of EM fields.

50. InternetConnect Virtual Domain Default Webpage
Virtual Domain Default Webpage If you are the webmaster and wish upload your web content, please click here .   English - Deutsch - Español - Français - Português - Svenska -

51. Holden, Gene
Operational HealthPhysicstech writer at Stanford University. Find links to reports and co-worker web sites.

52. Medical and HealthPhysics
Resources| |Download Database/Text| |Help Page| not sure where to start. Contents. Introduction. Notes. Start. Home. Anaesthesia. Audiology....

53. Occupational Safety and Health- University of New Haven
The demands placed upon the safety professional require a broad background in chemistry, physics, engineering, psychology and biology as well as specific knowledge in the safety sciences.

54. PhysicsNews Update Home Page
PhysicsNews Update is a digest of physicsnews items arising from physicsmeetings, physicsjournals, newspapers and magazines, and other news sources. Subscriptions are provided free of charge as a way of broadly disseminating information about physicsand physicists. PhysicsNews Update appears approximately once a week as a service of the American Institute of Physics.

55. KFKI-AEKI HealthPhysicsDepartment
KFKI AEKI HealthPhysicsDepartment. Budapest, XII. Konkoly Thege u. 29-33. Budapest, 114, P. O. Box 49., Hungary, H-1525. Voice: (36-1) 395-9150 ...

56. School of HealthScience
Courses range from Diploma level, BSc, Postgraduate Diploma, MSc and MA to Doctorate and PhD levels. Subjects offered include Nursing, Midwifery, Community HealthStudies, Pre Hospital Care, Medical Sciences and Humanities, HealthScience, HealthPromotion, HealthCare Management, Medical Radiation Physicsand Master of Research in Healthand Social Care.

57. HealthPhysics& Radiation
...Industrial Hygiene - HealthPhysicsRadiation US Federal Emergency... ...access. American Academy of HealthPhysicsChart of the Nuclides...

HealthPhysicsPrograms Bring the U.S. Army's Radiological Healthinto the 21st Century. MISSION Provides worldwide DA professional and technical guidance concerning ionizing radiation protection, dose assessment, and healthhazard analysis for the soldier


60. Georgia Inst. of Technology - Nuclear Eng. Programs
Guide to the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering and HealthPhysicsPrograms. Read about research, the facilities and the faculty.

61. HealthPhysicsHistorical Instrumentation Museum Collection
Online tour of the museums holdings in the area of healthphysicsincluding a large selection of radioactive quack cures, dosimeters, geiger-mueller counters, fluoroscopes used to fit shoes, and x-ray apparatus. Early in the century many healthclaims were made for radioactive substances and apparatus.

62. Site Map
PhysicsReference, Jobs for Physicists, Software, PhysicsJokes, Quotes & Cartoons, PhysicsDepartments, Societies, Journals, History of Physics, Images of Physicists, PhysicsNews, New & Alternative Theories, Graduate Studies Advisor, High Tech Companies, Ask Experts and more ...

63. Springer LINK
IBM and e-business logo are TM's of IBM Corp. Network Congestion at Europe LINK Site Springer Wien What's New The Online Libraries Complete Lists of Titles

64. Radiation Dosimetry Resources on the WWW
Radiation Dosimetry and HealthPhysicsResources on the Internet Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Canadian Medical Physics: information regarding the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine (CCPM) and the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (COMP)

65. HealthPhysicsLaboratory Welcome
HealthPhysicsLaboratory The Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physicsul. Radzikowskiego 152 PL 31-342 Krakow, POLAND telephone: (+48 12) 6375441 ext.414 fax: (+48 12) 322461 Overview Reports on research: Environmental Radiation Protection

66. HealthPhysicsLinks
HealthPhysicsLinks HealthPhysicsLinks Revised: 29 February 2000 Report bad links to: Radiation and HealthPhysicsHome Page contains information about radiation written for three groups - the general public, HealthPhysic

67. CRC Press: Lobby
Publishing group offers titles in the scientific, business, legal and technical markets. Includes ordering and downloadable software.

68. Aptec Instruments
Find out about analytical and health-physicsequipment. Provides support services and a list of products.

69. - Health-Physicsissues - Directory of healthphysics, radiation control and related sites...

70. EDU2 : Level 2

71. AAPM Medical PhysicsResource Page
Resources for medical physicists in radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine. healthphysics, etc.

72. Borders' Dictionary of HealthPhysics- Menu
This electronic dictionary is provided courtesy of the Borders' Consulting Group and kindly hosted by the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute with support from the U.S.

73. ODP - Open Directory Project
ODP - Open Directory Project about dmoz | add URL | feedback | link | editor login advanced Arts Movies , Television , Music ... Business Jobs , Industries , Investing ... Computers Internet , Software , Hardware ... Games Video Games ,

74. Physical Activity and HealthExecutive Summary
Report Home | Ordering Information | Related Links | Contact Us Physical Activity and Health¿ Executive Summary ¿ Report Contents ¿ At-A-Glance ¿ Fact Sheets Nutrition and

75. Physics1997-98 Graduate Bulletin
The San Diego State University 1997-98 Graduate Bulletin the World-Wide Web cannot be considered the official publication for the University. Please refer to the printed Graduate Bulletin