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American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP)   (Yahoo) 
  - professional association of Certified Health Physicists (CHPs) who have been certified by the American Board of Health Physics (ABHP). 

The Health Physics Society   (Excite) 
  Welcome to Our Web Site . Your Gateway to Information about the Health Physics Profession We are an international professional scientific organization dedicated to promoting the practice of radiation 

Industrial Hygiene on the Web   (GoTo) 
  Searchable directory of websites related to industrial hygiene and supporting sciences of the field of industrial hygiene. 

UMSHPS Web Page   (Infoseek) 
  This site has moved to new location: Please update your links and bookmarks. If you have a refresh enabled browser just wait a second and you will be transferred. 

Health Physics   (Looksmart) 
  Tables of contents, abstracts, news and subscription details from the official journal of the Health Physics Society. 

Radiation and Health Physics   (Lycos) 
  information and internet links; from University of Michigan health physics students. 

Physics News   (WebCrawler) 
  ROBERT B. LAUGHLIN, HORST L. STORMER, and DANIEL C. TSUI win the 1996 Nobel Prize for their discovery of a new form of quantum fluid with fractionally charged excitations. 

QUT-Centre for Medical and Health Physics   (Altavista) 
  Body Composition. Daylighting. Environmental Aerosols. Environmental Radioactivity. Materials. Medical Imaging. MR Microimaging. Radiotherapy Physics... 

OSU Radiation Health Physics Home Page    (Netscape) 
  Oregon State University. Radiation health physics involves an integrated study of the physical aspects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, their biological effects, and the methods used to protect

Health Physics Instrumentation Committee   (GoTo) 
  This instrumentation provides breakthrough surveillance, monitoring and spectroscopy performance. Multi-isotope, time sampling technology for the non-technical to the most sophisticated. 

The OSU Health Physics Home Page   (Raging) 
  Oregon State University Health Physics Society. Radiation Health Physics This specialized program in the Department of Nuclear Engineering is ... 

Health and fitness, exercise, diet --   (4anything) 
   Find health information, doctor directories and specific ailment information. Whether you have a cold and needa home remedy or you need to explore more serious illnesses, our health sites can help. 

Health Costs of Low-Level Ionizing Radiation   (Yahoo) 
  - providing information about the health costs of man-made low-level ionizing radiation. 

Associates in Medical Physics, LLC   (Excite) 
  Associates In Medical Physics, LLC provides you access to the largest and most experienced providers of medical physics consultation services of its kind in the United States. 

Books on Health Physics, Dosimetry and Radiation Protection   (Infoseek) 
  by James E. Turner, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This book describes the origins and properties of the different kinds of ionizing radiation, its detection and measurement, and the ... 

SynchroTech Systems: Radiation Protection & Health Physics Instruments   (Lycos) 
  A broad range of radiation measurement instruments to a wide variety of applications. Our products range from hand held and pocket radiation meters to fully automat 

Winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics   (WebCrawler) 
  A comprehensive list of Nobel Prize Laureates in Physics, at the Nobel Prize Internet Archive. 

Radiation Health Physics : College of Engineering - Oregon State University   (Altavista) 
  Open minds.Open doors. BIOE. Bioengineering. BRE. Bioresource Engineering. CCEE. Civil Engineering. Construction. Engineering... 

U.S. NRC Radiation Protection    (Netscape) 
  Nuclear Regulatory Commission information materials on health physics topics, dose standards, occupational radiation exposure at NRC licensed facilities, human radiation experiments, and emergency res 

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins - Health Physics   (Raging) 
  Visit the link for details. 

Centre for Medical and Health Physics   (Looksmart) 
  Facility at the Queensland University of Technology, in Brisbane, Australia, describes its research areas and provides a contact form. 

Health food, organic, health food stores --   (4anything) 
   You are what you eat! So make sure it's good for you with Gardenburger, Vitasoy USA, Kashi, Boca Burger, Moosewood Restaurant and the Interactive Health Food Store. 

Hiroshima International Council for Health Care of the Radiation-Exposed (HICARE)   (Yahoo) 
  - trains medical and other personnel caring for the radiation-exposed, dispatches personnel to radiation-exposed regions, and shares related knowledge gained through research and care. 

Physics at the University of Michigan   (Excite) 
  News from UM Physics March 11, 18, and 25: Professor Timothy Chupp Nuclear Magnets The atomic nucleus is a tiny magnet we can use to probe elementary particle interactions and the human body. 

Georgia Tech--Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, and Health Physics Programs   (Infoseek) 
  Georgia Tech Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, and Health Physics Programs 

Public Health Statement: Plutonium (1990)   (Lycos) 
  from U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). 

HEP Virtual Phonebook   (WebCrawler) 
  This is a list of links to phonebooks and directories of High Energy Physics sites or experiments around the world compiled by the HEP Network Resource Center. 

Access Control System - Health Physics - Radiological Consulting - Industrial   (Altavista) 
  Visit the link for details.    (Netscape) 
  Internet portal for nuclear workers. It offers Radiation Protection, Health Physics, and Decontamination Job Research. Includes message board, free email, chat rooms, outage schedule, per diem rates, 

Health Physics Table of Contents 7-97   (Raging) 
  July 1997. Volume 72 Number 7. Table of Contents. NEWS ON THE NET. On-Line Tools Revisited Bruce Busby. GUEST EDITORIAL. Editor's Remarks Steven L.... 

Radiation Safety Engineering   (Looksmart) 
  Consulting firm near Phoenix, AZ offers radiochemical analysis, modeling, instrument calibration, health physics research, among other services. 

Health info, organizations, medicine --   (4anything) 
   The more you know, the better you'll feel! Here you'll find sites to answer all your health questions, help you finda doctor or specialist and interact with health care professionals and patients in 

Health Physics    (Yahoo) 
  Visit the link for details. 

Radiation Safety Engineering, Inc.   (Excite) 
  Radiation Safety Engineering, Inc. is a consulting firm located near Phoenix, Arizona. The firm offers services to users of radiation producing machines and radioactive materials. 

ICN Dosimetry - Health Physics Links   (Infoseek) 
    LAST UPDATED 02.12.98 American Nuclear Society Books on Health Physics, Dosimetry and Radiation Protection DOELAP External Homepage Environmental Health Information Service FedWorld Beta Homepa 

AAPM Medical Physics Resource Page   (Lycos) 
  Resources for medical physicists in radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine. health physics , etc. 

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: High-Energy Physics   (WebCrawler) 
  Note: this is the list of HEP Web sites; there is a data base of HEP Institute contact information (addresses etc.) See also: Information sources include the following organizations: 

Van Pelt Associates - Health Physics & Radiation Safety   (Altavista) 
  Radiological and Environmental Health and Safety Consulting.... 

American Academy of Health Physics/American Board of Health Physics    (Netscape) 
  Profesional Association of Certified Health Physicists, certified by the American Board of Health Physics. Radiation Protection Specialists. Includes Member listings and CHP exam preparation informati 

DOE Health Physics Instrumentation Committee   (Raging) 
  This page is sponsored by DOE-DP45. Contact Paul Krumpe (e-mail The Department of Energy Health Physics Instrumentation ...