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Merlin's File Listing

The following list of files are ones I have found to be quite useful. This list will be ever growing and changing. If newer versions exist use them. Getting the file from the source can get you update notices and can be faster.
NOTE: The size of the files you select may be fairly large.(Sept 2000)

Go here for this one
Original Website:
The best feature of this program is it resumes downloads and finds faster ftp sites to get the files from all on its own.

winzip95.exe 620kb
Original Website:
Is a program to unpack the files with {.zip} extensions you must have this file or equal to use the files below.

amem30.exe 600kb
Original Website:
This is a great program for programming special keys for repeatative tasks and you can also record mouse actions. 360kb
Original Website:
This is a great program which turns your computer into a planetarium shows the night sky anywhere on earth for any time

copernic2000.exe 2,700kb
Original Website:
Talk about taking the work out of endless searches this program really does it searches the top 12 engines and returns the top 10 of each.

cuteftp.exe 1,600kb
Original Website :
This program is the best FTP controller I have found yet It works well with especially and can be used for others also it includes cutehtml editor as well it works great. I like it.

rd98v12e.exe 2,700kb
Original Website:
Finally a program to replace the old ramdrive.sys file so you can create any size ramdrive you have the memory to support. 3,200kb
Original Website: unknown if you find let me know maybe
One of the best CD to mp3 convertors on the market to day try it out it has preformed flawlessly for me. 4,100kb
Original Website: Special
After you download this one get a hold of me and I will talk you thru its install has some tricky parts to it but it is worth it . The best photo viewer cataloger so far.

bksetup.exe 2,800kb
Original Website:
This program is for creating a family tree and printing it out you can set up a full ancestrial database for all your relatives then you can even publish it on a website and include it in the world listing.

gifcon32.exe 1,500kb
Original Website: the newer version 4.2meg
This program allows you to create and edit animations and save them as gifs to add to your web pages or make animations. 4,000 bytes
Original Website: All my CGI code references
A small collection of cgi scripts which growes as I collect them. 9,000 bytes
Original Website: All my Java code references
An on going collection of scripts as the file size grows you will know there are more of them so check back often.

jscourse.exe 900kb
Original Website: All my Java code references
This is a new arrival I havent had much time to work with it but it will teach you how to create your own java scripts. 400kb
Original Website: All my Html code references
This is a complete user friendly specifications for HTML 4.0 to allow you to create the latest html code for yourself.

htmlcourse.exe 1,200kb
Original Website: All my Html code references
A program I just got and havent had time to mess with it should be a good course to teach you how to write your own html code.

Original Website: