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Merlin's Magic Shop

My Nuclear Resume Access
Role Playing - Player Aids
D&D Character Sheets
D&D Playing Worlds
D&D Dungeons All Levels
D&D Custom Charts
D&D Hi-res Scanning of Your Photos
D&D, AD&D, Boris Vallejo Artwork
Maitz, JRR Tolkien, & Misc. Artwork
Links to various Fantasy Artwork

Character Sheets

Character sheets are always the most used part of the game and
the part that takes the most time to create. What I have created is a
simple & concise layout to make creating & playing easier and more fun.
Current formats are in MSpub for more info just Email Merlin.
Available in proof sets or file format.

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Playing Worlds & Dungeons

I have created area maps and whole worlds including a few ruins
and dungeons. The levels are variable as follows:

  1. Beginner level easy monsters
  2. Bring lots of healing potions
  3. Bring lots of ressurection spells
  4. Dragon characters required to survive
  5. Those who think they are Gods already
Mention in your mail what you need. For more info just send Email to Merlin.

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Custom Charts

I create and design custom charts such as critical hit tables treasure tables etc. to obtain more information just send Email to Merlin.

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Hi Resolution Scanning of your photos

I will scan your photos & artwork for a resonable fee just send Email to Merlin.

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D&D and AD&D Pictures

Warning The artwork below Contains some nudity
if this offends you then do not access these sites.

Boris Vallejo Artwork , Don Maitz Atrwork , J.R.R. Tolkien Artwork
Elfquest Artwork , Miscellaneous Artwork

Here is access to the easiest collection of Fantasy artwork
it starts you out in the Boris Vallejo Directory
select one level up for all of the above listed artists and more.
Great Collection Ftp Sunet
Other Boris Vallejo Sites
Boris Index at Funet
Boris Site FTP Cybertheque

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